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Public Housing

Public Housing - waiting list CLOSED

LRHA owns and operates four public housing locations with a total of 328 units. Each unit is maintained by a full-time 24-hour call maintenance staff.


Section 8

Housing Choice Voucher Tenant Based Program (Section 8) - waiting list CLOSED

The Housing Choice Voucher Program is a rental assistance program that has seen great success. 


  Public Housing

Housing Choice Voucher Project Based Program – some waiting lists are OPEN

The Housing Choice Voucher Project Based Program is a rental assistance where the assistance is tied to the unit. 

Go to “Apply for Housing” if are interested in applying to a Project Based program waiting list.

                                        ANNOUNCEMENT: LRHA will open the Jefferson House waiting list on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4, 2023 for a period of 6 months.

                                        Instructions for applying can be found HERE.

                                        If you are already an applicant on one or more of LRHA’s waiting lists, instructions for updating your application and adding

                                        Jefferson House can be found HERE

  Rental Rehabilitation Program

 Rental Rehabilitation Program

This program presents an opportunity for LRHA to help owner's of rental properties improve the standard of their residence through grant opportunities. 


Existing Applicants to Public Housing and/or the Section 8 Voucher Program


If you are an existing applicant to Public Housing and/or the Section 8 Voucher Program you must keep your household and contact information up to date.

To update your application, please go to LRHA’s waiting list portal at  https://lynchburgva.housingmanager.com/

For assistance on how to update your application: CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON UPDATING YOUR APPLICATION