Who We AreGet to Know LRHA

About Us

A home is where memories are made, a place where everyone should be happy and feel safe. This is what the Lynchburg Redevelopment Housing Authority (LRHA) wants to provide to the people of Lynchburg.

LRHA is a government agency that strives to change the lives of current and potential citizens of Lynchburg, Va. We focus on ending homelessness and providing homes to those who otherwise would not be able to afford housing for themselves or their families.

Our Agency is committed to improving the city of Lynchburg one house at a time and ultimately changing the way people see Lynchburg. We are a place of change; a place of opportunity; and a place for second chances. We are a place where people can find hope and encourage our residents to share that hope with others.


Our Mission

LRHA’s mission is to maximize housing opportunities by being a leader in community redevelopment, by revitalizing neighborhoods, and by promoting economic growth and development

through collaborating with organizations and the greater community to achieve clean, comfortable, attractive, affordable housing maintained in a manner that fosters pride and dignity.

Collaborative Efforts

Collaborative EffortsThe Authority works closely with various departments within the city including City Council, Community Development, Economic Development, Inspections, and Human Services. Other collaborating agencies and groups include Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship, Diamond Hill Neighborhood Watch, Habitat for Humanity, Lynchburg Community Action Group, Friends of Tinbridge Hill, and Rush Lifetime Homes.