The Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Waiting Lists 

When your name reaches the top of the waiting list, you will be screened for eligibility. Upon successful completion of the screening process, eligible applicants will be scheduled for a briefing session and be issued a voucher. Your position on the list is based on the time and date of initial application and admission preferences for which you may qualify.  

Please note that your position on the waiting list can change if applications are received and the applicant has a higher ranking admission preference than you do. 

Your time on the waiting list is also based on the rate of turnover of vouchers.  For example, when a higher number of existing voucher holders leave the program, LRHA is able to select more families from the waiting list and your wait time is decreased.  Where voucher turn over is low, your time on the waiting list may be longer.  So that our staff can continue to process applications and issue vouchers, we have set up an email just for waiting list requests.

You must include your full name and your 5-digit tenant number OR your confirmation # (ex A#######)

Waiting List Requests:

We will try and respond to your request within 48 hours, but if you need further assistance, please call (434) 485-7208 and leave a message.