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The HCV (Section 8) waiting list is currently closed.

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Over the past forty years, the Authority has conducted a variety of neighborhood improvement programs in conjunction with the City of Lynchburg and both private for-profit and non-profit housing groups.

The Authority's partnerships with non-profit housing groups have included Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship, which resulted in the construction of 18 single family homes for first-time home buyers and Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity to whom the Authority donated several building sites for new homes.

HCV Program Basics

The purpose of the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program is to provide rental assistance to eligible familiesThe rules and regulations of the HCV program are determined by the US. Department of Housing and Urban Development the LRHA is afforded choices in the operation of thprogram which arincluded in the LRHA’S administrative plan, a document approved by thboard ocommissioners.

The HCV program offers mobility to eligible families because they may search for suitable housing anywhere in the City of Lynchburg and may also be eligiblto move under portabilityto other LRHA’sjurisdictions.

When funding iavailable, and the LRHA issues the famila housing voucherWhen thfamily finds a suitable housing unit LRHA will enter into a contract with thowner and the familwill enter into a lease with thLRHA. Each partmakes their respectivpayment tthe owner so that the owner receives full rent.

Even though the family is determined to be eligible for thprogramthe owner has the responsibilitof approvinthe familas a suitable renterThe LRHA continues to make payments to the owner as lonas the familis eligible and the housinunit continueto qualifundethe program.

The HCV Partnerships

To administer thHCV programthe LRHA enterinto a contractuarelationship with HUD (Consolidated Annual Contributions Contract). The LRHA also enters into contractual relationships with the assisted family and the owner or landlord of the housing unitFor the HCV program to work and be successfulalparties involved - HUD, the LRHAthe ownerand thfamil- have important roles to playThe roles and responsibilities of all parties ardefined in federal regulations and in legal documents that parties execute to participatin the program.

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