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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Lynchburg Redevelopment & Housing Authority has opened the waiting list (all bedroom sizes) for income eligible families for the Public Housing Program. 

Click on the following link to apply or edit your current application:

Please call (434) 485-7200 if you have any questions.


We do business in accordance with Fair Housing Laws.

HUD issued the smoke-free rule on November 30, 2016. The rule required all public housing to have a smoke-free policy effective July 31 2018. The smoke-free policy prohibits smoking in all indoor areas, including dwelling units, and within 25 feet of all indoor areas. For more information on this law, please click HERE

The Authority owns, and operates, 328 units of public housing at four locations within the city of Lynchburg:

Dearington Apartments located on Chambers Street with 100 units built in 1959-1960
Birchwood Apartments located on Hill Street with 103 units built in 1973-1974
Langview Apartments located on Yorktown Avenue with 50 units built in 1982-1983
Brookside Apartments located on Forest Brook Road with 75 units built in 1982-1983

Units range in size from 1 to 5 bedrooms (BR) and the complexes are maintained by a full-time, 24-hour, on-call maintenance staff.

Eligibility for participation in the Authority Public Housing Program is limited by income. Extremely low income families are those with an annual income at or below 30% of the median area income. Income limits are adjusted annually based on data supplied by HUD. Applications are processed by the Lynchburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority (LRHA) staff in accordance with HUD regulations and Authority policy. The application process includes: an application, a credit report and a landlord reference questionnaire. In addition, a criminal background check obtained from local law enforcement officials is a requirement. 

Please call (434) 485-7200 if you have any questions.




Public Housing Information

  • How to Submit a Work Order +

    Routine work orders should be placed by calling 434-528-1360, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Emergency work orders may be placed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Emergencies such as gas leaks or fire, please call 911. Do NOT call the answering service for any maintenance issues.
  • Special Accommodations +

    If you or a member of your family have a disability and think you might need or want a reasonable accommodation, you may request it at any time. Please contact your property manager. Examples of reasonable accommodations would include:


    • Adding or altering unit features so they may be used by a family member with a disability;

    • Installing strobe type flashing light smoke detectors in an apartment for a family with a hearing impaired member;

    • Permitting an outside agency or individual to assist an applicant with a disability to meet the LRHA's applicant screening criteria.

  • Rent +

    Families may choose to pay a flat rent or have their rent based on 30 percent of adjusted gross family income minus allowable deductions. Deductions are allowed for:


    1. Elderly families (families where the head, spouse or sole member is 62 years of age);

    2. Dependents (members of the family who have not reached their 18th birthday or who are disabled. It also applies to family members 18 years or older who are full-time students, and have verification from the institution that he/she is attending );

    3. Childcare expenses (This deduction is available only to enable a family member to gain employment or further his or her education );

    4. Medical expenses; and

    5. Disability assistance

  • Utilities +

    Click on the link below to find out more about our Utility Allowances.

    PH Utility Allowance

  • Housekeeping +

    Tenants are responsible for keeping their home clean and safe at all times. Housekeeping inspections are preformed semi-annually.

    Housing Quality Standards

  • Community Service Requirement +

    Public housing tenants and all other household members who are age 18 to 61 ARE REQUIRED to perform community service unless you meet one of these exceptions. SEE FORM HERE. Community service means providing a service to an organization, which serves the community, for no pay. Community service volunteers help in many different ways. Here are some examples:


    • Helping an organization with bake sales or yard sales

    • Caring for animals at an animal shelter

    • Helping at neighborhood community centers

    • Working with children.

    • Cleaning up parks, public areas, schools.

  • LRHA Properties +

    Discover our properties by clicking HERE!

  • Pet Restriction Policy +

    Discover our pet policy here!

    Pet Restriction Policy

  • Maintenance Needs +

    Answer all of your maintenance questions by clicking below.


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Public Housing FAQ's

  • Can I make changes over the phone? +

    All changes must be submitted in writing. A change form is available for pick up or can be printed from the website. The change form should be completed and dropped off in person or mailed to the office. Documentation for the change must be provided with the change form.

    LRHA Change Form

  • Can I have a pet and live in public housing? +

    Yes, if the pet is on the approved pet list, the tenant must pay a $300.00 deposit and provide current shot records and veterinary information.

    Pet Restriction Policy

  • Can I see the managers at any time? +

    No. In order to ensure the manager is available to meet with you, you should call for an appointment.
  • Will I be charged for trash? +

    If trash is picked up in front of your unit by our grounds keeper, you will be charged $25.00.
  • Will I be charged for tenant damages? +

    Yes. Any damage caused by you or your guests will be a tenant charge.
  • Can someone from the barred list be on the property? +

    No. Anyone on the barred list is not permitted to be on the property for any reason.
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