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The Central Virginia Continuum of Care (CoC) has created a centralized entry point to homeless services for families and individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.This service refers clients to the most appropriate homeless assistance programs including prevention & emergency shelter. This service encompasses Lynchburg and the surrounding counties of Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, and Campbell County. This position is located at the Lynchburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority. This service can be done in person or over the phone. 

When contact is made with CHIA, (Coordinated Homeless Intake & Access) the coordinator attempts to divert every household from entering the homeless response system through the use of a diversion tool.  Households are asked if they may require a Domestic violence shelter as well. If this is the case they are referred to a local domestic violence hotline. If the household cannot be diverted, they are then referred to one of the two emergency shelters based upon admission criteria, bed availably, and client choice. Once a household is in shelter they work closely with a case manager that focuses on obtaining housing. If no housing plan has been established, they are then referred back to CHIA for a housing barrier assessment (HBA.) This assesses each household’s needs and barriers to obtaining suitable housing. The case manager then works in tandem with anchor agencies within the CoC that assist with housing options. This may include transitional housing, rapid re-housing and /or permanent supportive housing.

Households that are housed but in immediate threat of losing their housingcan also contact CHIA for a referral to Lynchburg Community Action Group's Virginia Homeless Solution Prevention Program. The purpose of this program is to divert households from homelessness by providing targeted and limited assistance to households who, but for this assistance are likely to become homeless. 

CHIA’s office hours are 8:00AM  to 5:00PM  Monday through Friday but you may call 24 hours a day. 

In need of Immediate Shelter?

CHIA Coordinator
Coordinated Homeless Intake & Access


  • Who can provide assistance for apartment deposits? +

    Clients may call VA 211 to find what agencies may provide deposit assistance in Lynchburg.
  • Does CHIA help to provide affordable housing? +

    CHIA’s primary goal is the prevention of homelessness; exploring all possibilities to ensure the client has shelter.  There are two emergency shelters in Lynchburg; Salvation Army and Hand-Up-Lodge.  CHIA may assist a client with contacting one of the three domestic violence shelters if necessary.  
  • Who can provide assistance with the first month’s rent? +

    Clients may call VA 211 to find agencies that may provide assistance with the clients first month’s rent.
  • Does CHIA provide transportation to the shelters? +

    CHIA is unable to provide any transportation.
  • Who is the contact after the Housing Barrier Assessment referral is completed? +

    The shelter case manager continues to be the contact for the client after the Housing Barrier Assessment is completed.  Clients are referred to the appropriate homeless response program based on the assessment.  As programs have openings, the program administrators will contact the shelter case manager to make contact with the client.
  • Who is the contact for Virginia Homeless Solution and Prevention Program (VHSPP)? +

    LYN-CAG administers the VHSPP program.  Melissa Yuille is the director.  Their contact number is 434-455-1601.
  • Can CHIA provide any information to family members of clients? +

    Information regarding any Clients of CHIA is private and cannot be shared with client’s family members.
  • What is CHIA? +

    CHIA is the Central Virginia Continuum of Care’s “Coordinated Homeless Intake and Access” service.  CHIA provides all persons who are homeless or persons facing homelessness a central access point to all homeless response system programs.
  • How can you find assistance for other resources (food, clothes, housing, daycare, help in paying utility bills, etc.? +

    Clients may call VA 211 (United Way) to find what agencies that may provide assistance and services for other resources.
  • Is there a list of rehabilitation facilities (drug and alcohol)? +

    CHIA is able to provide a list to clients and other agencies of treatment centers and transitional houses for those seeking a sober living location in Lynchburg and the surrounding counties.
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