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Grand Opening delayed due to COVID-19


The Affordable Housing Resoure Centre will occupy the 4th floor of our building at 918 Commerce Street and will have the following:

  • The office of the Housing Navigator.
  • Dedicated resource area for ALL local agencies, non-profits and small business to display their print materials
  • Small computer lab for the public to use while searching for affordable housing
  • Meeting area for approximately 25-30 people
  • Landlord \ Renter education materials & information sessions
  • *NEW* - iPad with access to an online database for affordable housing in Lynchburg inculding Section 8, public housing, rooming houses, private landlords, rental agencies, resources, etc. Our goal is to place an "AHRC iPad" in various locations around Lynchburg so there is ALWAYS access to housing \ employment and other vital resources.

If you would like to have your organization\non-profit\small business included in the database please contact us here


Update December 2019 - new windows have arrived
Update January2020 -  windows installed and all the debris from the contractors is gone!
Update February 2020 - waiting for electrician to install phone lines and CAT5 ports and the entire floor has been cleaned
Update March 2020 - Internet and phone lines completed, media equipment installed
Update April 2020 - Grand opening delayed to COVID-19